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Tank Circuit Resonant Frequency Calculator

   The series or parallel resonant frequency of an inductor and a capacitor can be calculated using the following formula. A FLEXI-BOX is available with a dedicated PCB for this circuit and there is a selection of connectors. This is supplied as a kit, or as a ready built RF Trap

[tank resonance formula] 

Where: f is the Frequency in Hz

C is the Capacitance in Farads

L is the Inductance in Henries


Enter the value of the capacitor:   Digits  Mantissa Frequency:   MHz
Enter the value of the inductor:   Digits  Mantissa


This calculator uses Visual Basic and will work in Internet Explorer and other browsers with Visual Basic plug-ins. For more information see About our calculators. A further Tank Circuit Resonant Frequency Calculator is available in JavaScript.

This calculator is provided free by Chemandy Electronics in order to promote the FLEXI-BOX

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