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Chemandy Electronics is the home of the FLEXI-BOX, a RF and Microwave enclosure that is absolutely unique. Once you have used one of these for your own circuit development, you will not want to go back to your old methods.

[Photograph of HF Amplifier showing connectors]

We have technical information on measuring Relative Dielectric Constant of PCB's. There are also over thirty calculators, including three different formulas for Microstripand one calculator for Coplanar Waveguide With Ground. When the track width is calculated and a sample PCB manufactured, you can measure it's accuracy with the aid of the Characteristic Impedance Calculator. A complete set of free design tools for your convenience.

We hope that you find these interesting and that you are pleasantly surprised by our unique product range. If you are an RF engineer needing a specially built test aid, a student wishing to experiment or a radio ham looking for the unusual, there should be something here for you!


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