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Selected Links

This page contains all of the links that we have referred to on our website and is intended as a quick reference.
 A full page listing links to software and calculators including transmission line calculators.
 Data sheet for the BFS17 transistor can be found on this excellent source of data sheets.
 A detailed article on calculating Inductance.
 IPC give many standards and formulas on their website.
 IRFANVIEW software for printing.
 Rick Hartley gives lots of useful formulas, and we have used two of them for our Microstrip calculators.
 An article on making your own BNC calibration standards.
 Digital Panel Meter used in our next article to be published.
 A 32 page article from Keysight on specifying calibration standards for vector network analysers.
 A small collection of software utilities for converting Gerber files.
 Article on coaxial connectors.
 BNC calibration kit
 Detailed article on hybrid transformers used as 'directional couplers'.
 The engineers at Polar have done extensive measurements and calculations on PCB tracks. They have studied many types of transmission line including ones where the tracks are on layers embedded within the PCB, such as Coplanar Coupled Centred Tracks, Stripline Centred Track and Embedded Microstrip. Reliable data but you may have to pay for using the calculators."
 An article on electricity and magnetism that is relevant to antenna study.
 There is a large collection of links from this RF Cafe page to a wide variety of calculators.
 The Data sheets of the Sirenza SGA-7489 amplifier can be found on this page.
 RS Components are probably the best known supplier of electronic components and they sell useful RF ferrites.
 A lovely little Network Analyser that works up to 1.3 GHz. Ideal for the amateur on a low budget.
 Soldering videos that give tips that almost anybody can gain from. Suitable for the professional and the enthusiastic amateur alike.
 Four pages of formulas and data for RF/Microwave engineers.
 A selection of low cost Radio Ham equipment is available from here