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  The latest product to be introduced is a High Frequency Probe designed for measuring antennas but with many other uses. It is the first of our probes to be developed and will soon be followed by a more general purpose High Frequency Probe later in 2020.


  We are currently investigating the behaviour of the grounded monopole antenna and have formed a picture of the real functioning which does not agree with the text books. If you are interested in the subject and would like to assist by reviewing, discussing and criticising the present articles which begin at How does an antenna work? it would be most welcome.


  The website is currently going through the process of a complete re-vamp in order to refresh the appearance, improve the download time and conform to Googles insistence that any page that uses a text-box should be conveyed via https. This covers all of our calculators but is a waste of time because no data is actually collected from the calculators and the calculation is performed within the browser.

  The ongoing investigation into antennas has progressed and an article on Radiation Polarisation is now available and reveals yet more interesting facts about the real behaviour of a grounded monopole. The latest article on radiation polarisation moves the definition from being an electric polarisation to a magnetic polarisation and paves the way for more fascinating articles. The next article in the series is already being prepared and will be published once the latest article has been thoroughly reviewed.  This is gradually building into a series of articles that will eventually explain how a transmit antenna really works.

  We do not have any advertisements at all on the website because they clutter the pages. The website is still faster than 95% of all websites and we intend to keep it that way.

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