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About Us


  Chemandy Electronics started trading in 2004 with the aim of selling the FLEXI-BOX for projects. Some boxes were also sold with circuits designed specifically for studying transmission line theory and a few other circuits were included to increase the range of products. An article was started on Understanding Coaxial RF Transmission Lines by Measurement and Calculation and this article was extended in 2012 and will be extended again in the future.

  Over the years the product range remained unchanged until December 2010 when a two smaller boxes made in New Zealand were added to the range. There were more simple circuits designed for these smaller boxes and they have already become available.

  Our website has gradually become more popular over the years with more calculators and faster loading pages. We have a policy of no third party advertising, only link to sites that are very relevant to our material and do not use any paid schemes to gain incoming traffic. There are no passwords required on our website and no cookies are installed into your computer when you visit us. There are now over 10,000 visitors a month and hundreds of incoming links and is well established on the Internet.

  Chemandy Electronics is a family business and we intend to keep that way. We try to be green and re-cycle packing materials where ever possible. Even the FLEXI-BOX can be re-cycled. If you do damage a ready built product, do not throw it away. Build a circuit of your own into it and if you cannot make a PCB, then a piece of Veroboard should be adequate for low frequencies. Waste not, want not!

  We respect peoples privacy and do not store personal information other than copies of orders and any emails that happen to remain in the account. Absolutely no information is passed on to third parties. All financial transactions are handled by Barclays Bank in the UK and are very secure, we do not even have access to your credit card details. Complaints about our products are almost non-existent and we have a policy of continuous improvement.


William Highton 9/1/2013