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Amplifier dc Condition Calculator

The quiescent dc conditions (including bias voltages) are determined for a 'generic' amplifier configuration and by selecting very high or very low resistor values for unwanted components the required configuration can be defined. The default value resistors will give the configuration and dc voltages of the shunt series amplifier circuit used in the FLEXI-BOX with HF Broadband Amplifier


[Amplifier circuit]

R1 : Ω
R2 : Ω
R3 : Ω
R4 : Ω
R5 : Ω
R6 : Ω
R7 : Ω
TRA Vbe : V
TRA ;hfe :
TRA ce sat : V
TRB Vbe : V
TRB hfe :
TRB ce sat : V
+ Volts : V
TRA Collector : V
TRA ;Base : V
TRA Emitter : V
TRB Collector : V
TRB Base : V
TRB Emitter : V
Conditions :
Validity :

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This simulator is intended for linear calculations and can produce impossible results when the transistors are turned ON or OFF . These results are normally immediately obvious because they are negative or exceed the supply voltage. Some are more subtle and give results like a collector to emitter voltage of less than the transistor saturation voltage. There are indications of transistor conditions and the validity of the results but is up to the user to interpret the results as valid or not and also to allow for the effect of a variable configuration. The calculator has proven to be most useful, particularly when transistors with no spice data available are used, and is offered 'as is' with no guarantees.

W J Highton 8/4/2008    

This calculator is provided free by Chemandy Electronics in order to promote the FLEXI-BOX

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