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Calculator for Total Capacitance of a Circular Capacitor, including edge effect

Finds the total capacitance of a circular parallel plate capacitor from radius, εr and thickness using the formula below.


Relative Dielectric Constant (εr): 
Radius:   mm Total Capacitance:   pF
Dielectric Thickness:   mm

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The total capacitance of a circular parallel plate capacitor including edge effect, can be calculated using the following equation which is derived from Kirchhoff's formula for a circular capacitor.

[Circular capacitor formula]


r is the Radius in mm

εr is the Relative Dielectric Constant

d is the Dielectric thickness in mm

d << r

The calculator can be used to check results obtained with the Accurate Method for Measuring Relative Dielectric Constant of a PCB Using a Vector Network Analyser


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