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Rectangular Conductor Resistance Calculator

Calculates the dc Resistance of a single rectangular cross section strip (or track/trace) of common conducting materials using the equation below.

Enter the length of the conductor:   cm
Enter the width of the conductor:   mm
Enter the thickness of the conductor:   mm
Resistivity (ρ):   x 10-8 Ω.m
d.c. Resistance:    Ω

Note: To use different values for the Resistivity, select Enter Data in the Conductor Material selection text box and then enter the required values in the box highlighted in amber.

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The dc resistance of a conductor is calculated using the equation:-

[Equation for Rdc]


ρ is the resistivity of the conductor in Ω.m

l is the Length in metres

A is the Cross-sectional area in metres

The values for ρ are from CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 1st Student Edition 1998 page F-88 and are for high purity elements at 20°C.

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