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Return Loss and Mismatch Loss Calculator

Calculates the absolute load impedance, reflection coefficient, VSWR, return loss and mismatch loss of a load.


[mismatch circuit]


Enter the source characteristic impedance and the load impedance then press "Calculate" below.

Source Impedance:   Ohms Absolute Load Impedance:   Ohms
Load Impedance R:   Ohms Load Reflection Coefficient: 
Load Impedance J:   Ohms Load VSWR: 
Load Return Loss:   dB
Load Mismatch Attenuation:   dB

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     The absolute value of the load impedance is calculated from the complex impedance (R + j).

[absolute impedance formula]

       Where R is the Real part of the impedance

       and j is the Imaginary part of the impedance

   The Load Reflection Coefficient ( Γ ) is calculated using the complex impedance of the load and the characteristic impedance of the source.

[reflection coefficient formula]

Where Zo is the Source Impedance

   The VSWR is then calculated using the Reflection Coefficient

[VSWR formula]

    The Reflection Coefficient is used again to calculate the Return Loss

[return loss formula]

    The Reflection Coefficient is used yet again to calculate the Mismatch Loss

[mismatch formula]

   Various formulas for Voltage Reflection Coefficient and VSWR are also available at:-

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