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RF Trap With Attenuator Calculator

Calculates the attenuation, 'impedance', reflection coefficient, VSWR and return loss of a circuit that incorporates a RF tank circuit into a Pi attenuator. Preferred resistor values are entered into the text boxes, similar to the way that values for a prototype may be selected. Values for the tank circuit may be selected with the Tank Circuit Resonant Frequency Calculator. A FLEXI-BOX is available with a dedicated PCB for this circuit and there is a selection of connectors. This is supplied as a kit, or as a ready built RF Trap With Attenuators

[circuit diagram]

Characteristic impedance of the system:   Ohms Attenuation:   dB
Enter the value of R2/R3 resistor:   Ohms Impedance:   Ohms
Enter the value of R1/R4:   Ohms VSWR: 
Reflection Coefficient: 
Return Loss:   dB

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The calculator uses simple Ohms law formulas, and more comprehensive formulas for Voltage Reflection Coefficient and VSWR which are available at:-

This calculator is provided free by Chemandy Electronics in order to promote the FLEXI-BOX

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