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Escutcheon File Download

Transmission Line 34Kb   fb-esc-101.gif 18Kb
dc Block 37 Kb fb-esc-102.gif 19 Kb
Voltage Detector 39 Kb fb-esc-104.gif 21 Kb
Low Voltage Detector 39 Kb fb-esc-105.gif 21 Kb
Transmission Line 15 Kb fb-esc-201.gif 9 Kb
VHF Amplifier 18 Kb fb-esc-215.gif 13 Kb
500 MHz Amplifier 16 Kb fb-esc-216.gif 13 Kb
Kit 21Kb  fb-esc-300.gif 15Kb 
Transmission Line 25Kb  fb-esc-301.gif 19Kb 
Current / Voltage Detector 35Kb  fb-esc-302.gif 27Kb 
RF Bridge 31Kb  fb-esc-303.gif 24Kb 
6 dB Splitter 31Kb  fb-esc-304.gif 24Kb 
RF Trap With Attenuators 27Kb  fb-esc-305.gif 21Kb 
Termination Box 29Kb  fb-esc-306.gif 30Kb 
RF Trap 28Kb  fb-esc-307.gif 21Kb 
Stub Filter 28Kb  fb-esc-308.gif 20Kb 
Broadband Amplifier 37Kb  fb-esc-309.gif 29Kb 
3 dB Splitter 32Kb fb-esc-310.gif 24Kb
VHF Pre-Amplifier 34Kb fb-esc-311.gif 26Kb
Remotely Powered VHF Pre-amplifier 36Kb fb-esc-312.gif 29Kb
Bias Tee 32Kb fb-esc-313.gif 25Kb
HF Amplifier 35Kb fb-esc-314.gif 28Kb
VHF Amplifier 35Kb fb-esc-315.gif 27Kb

 The above files contain escutcheon drawings and are available for download. They are available as either a zip file containing a bitmap (.bmp) file or as a .gif file. They can be modified with any drawing tool that uses bitmaps or gifs, for instance Paint or Paint Shop Pro.

Printing .gif files

   When printing from a .gif file, the scale will need to be adjusted in order to match the image size to that of the box. This can be achieved using scaling in the printer software or additional software (see below). The .gif format does not support size or dpi parameters and it is probably better to use the zipped .bmp file.

Printing .bmp files

   The escutcheons are drawn with at least 300 pixels per inch so that they can be printed at 300 dpi and therefore should be of photographic quality. The .bmp files carry the information of dpi (dots per inch) and size, so there should be no scaling required. For printers that scale the file automatically but will not allow re-scaling to the correct size, there is software available that solves this problem. An example can be found at and this has a function for printing at a selected size.