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Understanding RF Transmission Lines by Measurement and Calculation


Paragraph Page
1.1) Introduction 1
1.2) Measuring Voltage 1
1.3) Measuring Current 1
2.1) Impedance of Terminations, Signal Generators and Coaxial Cables 2
2.2) Termination Impedance 2
2.3) Signal Generator Source Impedance 2
2.4) Coaxial Cable Characteristic Impedance 2
3.1) Coaxial Cable Attenuation 3
3.2) Coaxial Cable Attenuation per Metre 3
3.3) Coaxial Cable Attenuation with Frequency 4
4.1) Reflection in a Coaxial Cable 5
4.2) Forward Direction 5
4.3) Reflected Direction 5
5.1) Velocity of Propagation 6
5.2) Velocity Factor of a Coaxial Cable 6
5.3) INCIDENT Voltages in a Coaxial Cable 7
5.4) Relative Phase of INCIDENT and REFLECTED Voltages from a SHORT 7
5.5) Relative Phase of REFLECTED Voltages from an OPEN and a SHORT 8
5.6) Relative Phase of INCIDENT and REFLECTED Currents from a SHORT 8
5.7) Relative Phase of INCIDENT and REFLECTED Currents from an OPEN 8
5.8) Relative Phase of REFLECTED Currents from an OPEN and a SHORT 8
5.9) Relative Phase of INCIDENT and REFLECTED signals in a mismatch 8
6.1) Phase relationships Along the Length of a Mismatched Transmission Line 9
6.2) Complex Impedance 9
6.3) Conclusions 9
Appendix B - Bridge  
B.1) Introduction b1
B.2) Circuit Description - Transformers b1
B.3) Circuit Description - Reflected Direction b1
B.4) Circuit Description - INCIDENT Direction b1
Appendix C - Current/Voltage Detector  
C.1) Introduction c1
C.2) Principle of Sine Wave Detection with a Diode c1
C.3) Mathematically Linearising a Detection Diode c1
C.4) Plotting the Diode Curve c1
C.5) Finding the Voltage Correction Constants c2
C.6) Principle of the Current Detection Circuit c2
C.7) Plotting the Current Curve c2
C.8) Finding the Current Correction Constants c2
C.9) Peak Vector Sum Voltage and Peak Vector Difference Current c2

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