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Transmission Line Kit in an Original FLEXI-BOX



Transmission Line Kit
Insertion Loss < 1.0 dB to 3.0 GHz (SMA)
Insertion Loss < 0.8 dB to 2.0 GHz (BNC)
Return Loss > 15 dB
Impedance 50 Ohms
Box Dimensions
63.5 mm x 50 mm x 30.5 mm
From GBP £20.54 + Connectors
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  A 50 Ohms Transmission Line with selectable BNC, N, SMA or TNC connectors and built in an original size FLEXI-BOX screened enclosure


    [Photograph of Transmission Line Box showing connectors]   



  The price of the Transmission Line Kit in the Original Size FLEXI-BOX is dependant on the connectors required. To find the price for your connector preference or to make a purchase, select your connector requirements in the boxes beside the photograph above and then select "Add to Cart".


This is the original size FLEXI-BOX with a transmission line PCB which has a 50Ω track (coplanar waveguide with ground) running from one end connector to the other. Either side of the track is a gap of approximately 1.5 mm. This gap is small enough for 0805 surface mount components to be mounted to ground. The use of surface mount components giving good high frequency characteristics. By using a craft knife to cut the track as required, many different circuit configurations can be achieved. The process for building a prototype in the FLEXI-BOX is illustrated in the Building a HF amplifier in a FLEXI-BOX Part 1. The track on the PCB provided gives good performance to 3.0 GHz with SMA connectors and to 2.0 GHz with BNC connectors, as can be seen in Figures 1 & 2.

  A selection of escutcheondrawings are available for downloading as .zip or .bmp files.


[Graph of transmission line insertion loss]

Figure 2

[Graph of transmission line return loss]