Building a HF Amplifier Project page 4

  In Figure 8, the SMA connector has been screwed onto the box and is ready for the centre connector to be soldered.

Figure 8

[Photograph of box with connector fitted]

  The feed through capacitor is supplied already soldered to a small plate, and this plate is held in place with four small screws in exactly the same way as the RF connectors are fitted. The plate and two SMA connectors are shown fitted and soldered in Figure 9. The fourth hole? Well, we have not forgotten, simply fix the blanking plate with four screws, the same as for all of the connectors.

Figure 9

[Photograph of box with connector, feedthrough capacitor and blanking plate]

  Next, come the lid, top and escutcheon. The escutcheon can be printed from one of the .bmp or .zip files from the Escutcheon Index, or you can generate your own on a computer with a drawing package. The type supplied by us, are printed on a very high quality paper. This gives a better appearance than a plastic version and also allows those in a hurry to simply write on an existing label. For some circuits i.e. filters, it can be very useful to print a graph of the frequency response, return loss etc.

Figure 10

[Photograph of box with top, lid and escutcheon]

  Company logos can be added, manufacturers names, even clip art if it takes your fancy. The final appearance of the escutcheon is limited only by your imagination.

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