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  The lid and top are fitted with the four countersunk screws supplied and the end result is a small screened instrument case with a really professional finish. No more scruffy old die cast boxes, tobacco tins or second-hand enclosures.

Figure 11

[Photograph of completed box]

  This article has demonstrated how easy it is to work with the FLEXI-BOX. The basic project box with the Transmission Line PCB is normally the best starting point for a small RF project. Can we make it any easier that that? Yes, there is a ready built version that is manufactured with your selection of connectors at HF Amplifier. The connectors are selected from BNC, SMA, TNC and N type and will fit directly onto the aluminium box with no drilling or taping.

  The performance of this circuit is excellent and the characteristics can be perused in FLEXI-BOX HF Amplifier

  For those that need information on soldering and de-soldering, there is an excellent collection of soldering videos at

  For those that wish to take the design a step further and have a PCB manufactured, there are many free software packages available for laying out a PCB each with their own advantages and disadvantages. A problem that can often occur after spending hours and hours laying out a PCB to perfection is that the software package generates Gerber files that are incompatible to industry standards and you are unable to get the PCB manufactured. A small collection of software utilities that can be very helpful for this is CADCENTRIC which can be found at and is particularly useful for converting the old RS274D gerber files to RS274X and has other functions for AUTOTRAX which is available free from Protel.

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